Welcome to Mount Gilead!

Nestled on the banks of Lake Tillery and the foot of the Uwharrie Mountains, our beautiful small town offers a wide variety of specialty shops and locally owned businesses for your shopping pleasure. Along Main Street you will find a variety of antiques and treasures at our Antique Mall, homemade soaps made right here in town, unique boutiques with the latest styles,  a sewing boutique that offers retail gifts as well as embroidery and screen printing, custom framing and art, an ole timey general store and hardware, a coffee shop, an Interior Design Studio with Wine, Craft beer and home decor, a nutrition store, a large variety store and unique second hand and consignment stores. 

The Town hosts several community events throughout the year. In the Spring, you can enjoy the annual May Day parade and celebration held annually on the first Saturday in May.  Each Fall, the Town welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the County and state for the annual Fall Festival on Main, which is always the third Saturday in October. The first Saturday in December citizens from all over the county enjoy our annual Christmas parade and Tree lighting festival downtown.

Town of Mt. Gilead NC

The Town of Mt. Gilead, initially founded as the Providence settlement, has a rich history intertwined with the evolution of local industries. Eventually the name changed to Mount Gilead and the town was formally incorporated by the North Carolina General Assembly. For several decades after the town’s inception, cotton farming formed the backbone of the local economy, bringing prosperity and growth to the town.

However, the cotton industry’s prominence began to decline in the 1930s, making way for the textile industry. The textile mills and factories rapidly became the new heartbeat of Mount Gilead’s economy, a dominance that persisted through the mid-1990s. The shift in the primary industry brought about changes in the town’s landscape, dynamics, and overall lifestyle, but the spirit of resilience and adaptation within the community remained constant.

As the 20th century progressed, the town witnessed another transformation in its economic landscape. The cotton fields that once symbolized Mount Gilead’s prosperity gave way to vast expanses of pine trees. Today, these towering trees, growing abundantly in the area, have become a valuable asset, propelling the lumber industry to the forefront of Mount Gilead’s economy. The evergreen timber resources symbolize a new era of economic prosperity and sustainability for the town.

The Town Hall, which was formerly the Gilmont Theater, now serves as a gateway to the community’s storied past and dynamic present. It’s an ideal starting point for anyone interested in learning more about Mount Gilead’s evolution. The administrative staff at the Town Hall is available every weekday and is more than willing to assist visitors and residents alike. Whether you need to communicate with local representatives, settle your utility bills, or seek a comprehensive welcome packet to familiarize yourself with the town, the friendly and helpful staff is there to guide you. The journey of Mount Gilead is a testament to the town’s adaptability and resilience, making it a community that welcomes change while still honoring its roots.

Parks and Recreation

The Town of Mt. Gilead boasts one of the best parks and recreation programs in Montgomery County. The Town owns and operates Stanback Memorial Park, which includes: two baseball fields, a swimming pool, two pavilions, and assorted playground equipment including a state of the art wooden play castle. Each summer, the Park hosts the Mt. Gilead Summer Park Program which provides a wide range of activities for school aged children living in the Town or surrounding communities.


We have a diverse industrial base – electronics, manufacturing, tourism and sawmills. Tobe Manufacturing, McRae Industries, Paper Works, Mohawk, and Jordan Lumber have facilities here. The Town’s industrial site, located on NC Hwy. 109, was recently named as a certified industrial site by the North Carolina Department of Commerce.


We have a county-wide school system. Elementary students attend Mt. Gilead Elementary (Montgomery County’s only School of Distinction), while middle and high schools students travel only a short distance to attend West Middle School and Montgomery Central High School.

Montgomery Community College (MCC), a post-secondary institution serving this area of the state, is located in Troy. The college has gained national acclaim for its specialty programs in areas such as gunsmithing, taxidermy, and pottery. In recent years, MCC has been approved to offer an LPN program, and a one-year college transfer program. The continuing education department of the college meets a variety of community needs by offering in-plant training for business and industry as well as fire, law enforcement, and rescue training. The department further offers personal enrichment programs of interest to the county’s citizens.

Take a look at where we are going with our Comprehensive Town Plan!


Nestled between the hustle of Charlotte and Greensboro, Mt. Gilead, North Carolina, is a serene gem amidst the lush backdrop of the Uwharrie Mountains, the oldest mountain range in North America. Its small-town charm and peaceful atmosphere make it a perfect escape from the fast-paced city life, offering residents and visitors an unrushed rhythm of living. The presence of nature at one’s doorstep enhances the tranquility of this beautiful town, and the easy access to outdoor recreational activities ensures an active, healthy lifestyle.

The Mount Gilead Downtown Historic District, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005, further contributes to the town’s appeal. Walking through the district is like stepping back in time, as the beautifully preserved buildings narrate the town’s rich history and heritage. Each structure is a page from the past, revealing the craftsmanship, culture, and the community’s evolution over the years.

Above all, what truly defines Mt. Gilead is its people, their genuine Southern hospitality, and the deep roots they’ve planted in this community. The welcoming spirit of the residents is immediately felt, as they warmly invite visitors to discover the hidden treasures of this historic town. Don’t let the small size of Mt. Gilead fool you; it holds a wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered. This “Hallmark Movie” town, with its rich history, picturesque surroundings, and welcoming community, has much more to offer than meets the eye. It’s not just one of Montgomery County’s best-kept secrets; it’s a unique experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

Town Creek Indian Mound

Located nearby is the Town Creek Indian Mound a North Carolina Historic Site. It provides insight into the lives of the people that first lived in this area hundreds of years ago. For more than one thousand years, Indians lived an agricultural life on the lands that became know as North Carolina. About the year A.D.1200, a new cultural tradition arrived in the Pee Dee River valley. That new culture, called “Pee Dee” by archaeologists, was part of a widespread tradition know as “South Appalachian Mississippian.” Throughout Georgia, South Carolina, eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, and the southern North Carolina Piedmont, the new culture gave rise to complex societies that built eastern mounds for their spiritual and political leaders, engaged in widespread trade, and supported craft specialists.

Local Radio WMTG

Mount Gilead even has it’s own radio station! WMTG Radio, run by local volunteer Johnny Almond, is a small, community-focused radio station serving Mount Gilead, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. Broadcasting both locally at 88.1 FM and streaming online, this station is deeply invested in the local community. WMTG provides a diverse range of content, including music, news, and sports, all with an emphasis on local events and issues. The station’s commitment to promoting local culture and fostering community ties is demonstrated through its programming. The station encourages community involvement and serves as an essential information source for many residents. Help us keep the community informed. Click here to send your news and event information from WMTG’s handy online form, or call WMTG anytime on their toll-free listener line at 1-855-881-WMTG (9684).