Urban Archery extends deer season, using bows and arrows only, into January and February in towns and cities that choose to participate in this program. Our goal is not just to manage these populations but to do so responsibly, promoting safe and ethical archery practices. With the Commission’s guidelines, we’re committed to preparing thoroughly for this initiative, ensuring regulations, public communication, and outreach are well-planned. We are the first town in Montgomery County to offer our residents Urban Archery participation.

Mount Gilead is taking a forward step in wildlife management by planning to introduce an Urban Archery Season by 2025. This decision comes in response to the growing deer population within our town limits, posing ecological challenges and public safety risks. Urban archery, endorsed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, offers a structured and ethical approach to control local wildlife populations effectively. You can find specific regulations here under Hunting Regulations and Information: “Deer Seasons and Maps.”

The adoption of this urban archery season aligns with our dedication to maintaining ecological balance and safeguarding our community. The town’s management and relevant authorities are now tasked with implementing this resolution, marking a significant step towards sustainable and responsible wildlife management in Mount Gilead.

Urban Archery has brought a change to our Code of Ordinances. Here’s the Amendment to Section 132.01 of the Mount Gilead Code of Ordinances.

a) It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot or discharge by bow-and-arrow(s), crossbow, gun, pistol, or other firearm, BB gun, air compression gun, spring gun, or any such similar device which propels with force a shot, pellet, or any other projectile within the municipal corporate limits of the Town.

b) Nothing in this section shall be construed so as to prohibit:

  1. Any person from discharging any firearm in the lawful defense of his person, family or property or pursuant to lawful directions of law enforcement officers;
  2. Any sworn law enforcement officer from discharging a firearm in the performance of official duties;
  3. Any person, corporation or organization operating a rifle, pistol, skeet or trap range or other firing range including turkey shoots, which range is substantially in accordance with specifications promulgated by the National Rifle Association or by an equivalent nationally recognized firearms safety authority for the type and caliber of firearm being fired;
  4. Any person using, as intended, any device used for the firing of stud cartridges, explosive
    rivets or similar ammunition;
  5. Any person using model rockets designed to propel a model vehicle in a vertical direction;
  6. A person hunting only by bow-and-arrow or crossbow on his own property, or with the
    property owner, or on another’s property in their absence if he has on his person a valid North
    Carolina Hunting License (or who qualifies for an exemption from licensing by the State
    Wildlife Commission) and written permission from the property owner or the property
    owner’s authorized agent or manager; and
    a. There is a valid hunting season in effect for which the hunting license applies at the
    time the crossbow or bow-and-arrow is discharged;
    b. The bow-and-arrow or crossbow is not discharged within 250 feet of a dwelling,
    house, school, church, or any other occupied building, street, or road, park or
    recreation area, or other type of public gathering place;
    c. The parcel or tract of land which the hunter owns or has permission to hunt upon is
    equal to or greater than 5.0 acres in area; and
    d. The Crossbow or bow-and-arrow is discharged only from an elevated platform or
    stand located at least 12 feet above the level of the surrounding grade or the target,
    whichever is greater;
    e. The person operating the bow or crossbow exhibits reasonable regard for the safety
    and property of other persons;
  7. Any person engaged in a commercial livestock operation from using a firearm or other
    weapon in defending any commercial animal against any other animal.
    c) Any person violating the provisions of this section shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a
    misdemeanor and shall be fined $500 or imprisoned 30 days, or both. Violators may be subject to
    a civil penalty of $500.00 to be recovered in the nature of a debt.
    State Law Reference — Discharging Certain Weapons Into Occupied Property, G.S. 14-34.1; authority to
    regulate firearms G.S. 160A-189