Utility Setup

Despite its small size, our town’s location offers a variety of utilities to its residents and businesses. Mount Gilead boasts a variety of opportunities to procure essential services to facilitate both residential and commercial needs. Residents and businesses in the area are well served by several providers across electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, and internet services. Let’s delve into these different utilities and the companies behind their provision.

Electric Service Providers

Residents and businesses in Mount Gilead enjoy reliable electricity services from three major providers:

  • Randolph Electric Membership Corporation is a cooperative that provides electricity to rural areas. With its member-focused approach, Randolph Electric ensures affordability and sustainable energy sources. Randolph Electric Membership Corporation is a cooperative that provides electricity to over 100,000 customers in North Carolina. Visit their website at Randolph Electric Membership Corporation. Or call Randolph Electric Membership Corporation: (910) 276-4343
  • Duke Energy, one of the largest electric power companies in the U.S., offers a wide range of services. Duke Energy provides electricity to over 7 million customers in the Carolinas. Their focus is not just on energy provision but also includes outage support and energy-saving programs. Check them out at Duke Energy. Or call Duke Energy: (800) 777-9898
  • Pee Dee Electric is another cooperative that provides electric services while also running community programs and offering renewable energy options. Pee Dee Electric is a cooperative that provides electricity to over 20,000 customers in North Carolina and South Carolina. To learn more, visit Pee Dee Electric. Or call Pee Dee Electric: (910) 572-1221

Natural Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas is the go-to natural gas provider in Mount Gilead. Known for safety and reliability, Piedmont supplies natural gas for a variety of uses including heating, cooking, and more. To learn more about their services and customer-oriented programs, visit Piedmont Natural Gas. Or call Piedmont Natural Gas: (800) 752-7787


Water services in Mount Gilead are provided by Montgomery County Public Utilities. Montgomery County Public Utilities provides water to over 30,000 customers in Montgomery County. The local entity guarantees a safe and dependable water supply to residents, adhering to stringent regulations to maintain water quality. They can be found at Montgomery County Public Utilities. Or call Montgomery County Public Utilities: (910) 572-1221

Wastewater (Sewer)

Mt. Gilead Public Utilities handles wastewater or sewer services. The utility ensures that wastewater is collected and treated effectively, prioritizing community health and safety. For more specific information about their services, it’s best to check out the town’s official website Mt. Gilead Public Utilities. Or call Mt. Gilead Public Utilities: (910) 439-5111

Internet Services

Mount Gilead is served by a range of internet service providers, each offering different packages to cater to diverse needs. Some of the most popular providers include Brightspeed, Spectrum, HughesNet, and CenturyLink. From high-speed broadband to cellular and satellite connections, the options are numerous. It’s best to use an internet service comparison tool or website, or check the FCC’s broadband map, which will give you the most accurate information about which internet services are available in Mount Gilead.

No matter what your needs are, Mount Gilead provides availability for a comprehensive suite of utilities to residents and businesses, all aiming to ensure a comfortable and efficient living and working environment. Remember, the websites listed above are great places to start for more information, but direct contact with providers is recommended for the most accurate and current information.