Useful Links

Looking for information? This page provides a few useful links for those looking for information about our surrounding areas and available services. It’s organized into categories like government, education, healthcare, outdoor activities, entertainment, news, services and security, and nearby towns for easy navigation. Overall, this links page serves as a companion for both residents and visitors, covering a wide range of needs and interests.


Information here is all about offering guidance on various civic matters such as registering to vote, obtaining a driver’s license or ID card, tax payments at different levels, applying for permits, availing government programs, lodging complaints or suggestions, along with direct links to the Montgomery County Government.


Additional resources related to local schools and community college in Montgomery County.


Links to the local hospital and emergency departments, as well as local major healthcare providers.

Great outdoors

Insights into local weather, trail guides, national parks, and other recreational and historical sites of interest such as Morrow Mountain and Town Creek Indian Mound.


Local entertainment venues and organizations like Mount Gilead Community Concerts Association and Juneberry Ridge.


Various local, county, and state news outlets.

Services & Security

This section provides links to a range of services, from adult and aging services to public safety and crime prevention.

Nearby Towns

For those interested in exploring the broader region, here are a list of nearby towns to explore.

While this page provides a fairly comprehensive link guide and companion for Mount Gilead and its surrounding areas, don’t stop here! There’s so much more to see and do in this vibrant community. The town and county governments, along with various other entities, are constantly working to improve and expand their services. New businesses emerge, recreational opportunities are created, and educational and healthcare facilities may develop over time. So be sure to check back often for updates on what’s new.